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Workshops and Teaching

Petra Music teaches Flute, Instrumental Teaching, Repertoire and Chamber Music at Universität Mozarteum Salzburg/Innsbruck. She also is a sought after master class teacher for students of all levels. Her intuitive, innovative  and inspiring way of teaching has led her with various flute related topics to cities as Moscow (2012 and 2013), Amsterdam (2010), Berlin (2010), Munich (2010), Taipei (2012), Cologne (2010),  Luxembourg (2011), Slovenian Flute Festival (2011), Feldkirch (2015), Ittervoort (2016). She has been as adjudicator for competitions auch as Azumi Flute student competition (2008-2011) and MyFLute Moscow (2012-2016). Through this work, she is in constant exchange with young and exceptionally talented flute players from around the world. In 2016, Petra's main pedagogical topic was to discover the importance of play and the flow psychology in instrumental teaching and the experimentation with tritone based scales in technique development.

Also she is a member of the organising team of the Syrinx Flute Club in Vorarlberg and involved in planning the annual flute fest. More info:
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